My LinkTree! Peloton. And updates, December 21.

Here is a list of articles and things related to my chess career.


- We are expecting another one :)

- I've been super busy teaching chess - busier than I've ever been perhaps. But I love it! 

- I hope to run in person stuff soon. I'm super thankful that I've been able to stay so busy during the pandemic. 

- I have a new, I guess you would call it, hobby? Peloton. It's an indoor bicycle that I've used every day since last March. I'm not recommending it and I'm not a big fan. I am naturally bad at it PLUS I don't try. But I mention it for two reasons. 1) Other chess players who use it can add me and we can give each other virtual high fives! 2) They have a really encouraging daily streak motivational stat that works well for chess. I've used the bike every day, despite not loving it, despite not being good at it, etc., all because of this silly "days in a row" number. Imagine how a daily streak number can work for something that you love, like chess! The website has a similar daily streak number. If you don't want to get too fancy, buy a calendar, and put an X on every day of the week you studied chess for 10 minutes (playing doesn't count). 

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