800 Tournaments! Original/Only Fact Check

We’ve had 810 tournaments at Panda Chess Academy at 9900 Westpark. 

When we opened, as far as I know, we were the only brick and mortar “scholastic only” chess club in the U.S. or World (again, as far as I know, and I know an above average amount about chess stuff, but not all!). 

This is a “fun fact” that I would be interested in proving wrong. I don’t like it when businesses exaggerate/lie, and having a reputation for being honest is important to me.

Hosting 800 tournaments, coaching x amount of years, and being the first/only sounds nice, but I believe people care more about what a business/teacher is doing now, not what was done in the past. 

I know there have been after school scholastic clubs, but I’ve never heard of a dedicated “sign a lease and buy your own furniture” brick and mortar scholastic chess club that only hosts tournaments and classes for K-12 and younger. 

Please email me if I’m wrong so I can proudly admit that I’m wrong. 

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