1 Year Anniversary (of Covid Chess)

We are approaching the anniversary of when I started teaching online because of Covid.

People are getting a little burned out on chess, but those who hung in there for a year will be great chess players. 

It's only fair.

I do indoor rowing, not because I like it, but mainly just because I have one. And I did a LOT of indoor rowing. I recently looked at the stats, and I got a LOT better. It's interesting, because I didn't even want to get better, and I didn't really like indoor rowing that much. I'm naturally kind of unskilled at rowing and swimming.

But the lesson I learned is that even practicing something I don't like, regularly, makes me a LOT better.

Most importantly, I will probably see the results when things get to normal, and I'm only indoor rowing like once or twice a week. 

For the kids playing chess and studying regular, they will see a huge bonus. They probably see the improvement now already, but they will see it in the following years (especially when they play against the general population who didn't practice so intensely for a year). 

Think of it as 1 year of intense chess school. 

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