Chess Notes

Opening Theory:

Garry Kasparov - Ulf Anderssen

Lasker - Thomas (focus on the DEFENSIVE POSSIBILITY - 9...Bxe5)
When you are defending your King, and Material is even, you should trade.

"Is this a real game?" Someone asked me about an interesting puzzle that came from this game.
The puzzle starts after Black plays 24...Ka6


Endgames, and More (Wednesday Morning):

Mr. O and The Loose Pieces

Hungarian Defense: A Simple Solution. Note the Rxf7 idea.

No Space = Many Knight Moves = Problems

The "Never Move Pawns" principle (warning, this is an exaggeration, you have to move pawns sometimes).

A Question from Two Students

More on the Winawer (Part 2 or 3?)

Question about d4 c5

French Winawer

Defending against the Fried Liver Attack

Practice the White Opening: Queen's Gambit

Tarrasch - Alapin

The 10 Move Game - Only Pawn Moves?!

Bonus game, similar:

Coordinate Training Daily Warmup Drill:

The Great Scissor's Mate Attacking Game:

Mikhail Tal - NN: Mikhail Tal takes a Knight on f6, then a Bishop on g7 after losing his Queen, in a Classical Dragon (spoiler alert!).

2 Rook Checkmate: Walking The Dog (Beginner Level)

A long, not so interesting, game.

Older Stuff

July 15-19 Notes

Mate in 21:

More Notes:

2019 June 10-13 Notes
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More Notes:

En Passant Review:

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