Bo Githoro is available for lessons!

Bo Githoro is available for chess lessons in the Houston area. Coach Bo is a USCF expert with over 8 years of teaching experience. He is a two-time Texas State Scholastic Champion, and a four-time Texas State Scholastic Blitz Champion. He has Coached Texas State Champions as young as the 1st grade level.

Bo has recently joined the coaching staff of the T.H. Rogers Chess team.

Both Bo and I were part of the same chess program at the University of Texas at Dallas. He was coming in as a Freshman soon after I graduated, but I still got a chance to get to know him as I frequently visited my old chess team.

I found Bo to be extremely friendly and passionate about chess. He has developed an outstanding reputation in the Dallas and Houston chess community over his many years of involvement.

Bo Githoro will be a great Coach for anyone looking for extra training and I highly recommend him.

You can email Coach Bo at:

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