State Championship and clutch performance by a 2nd grader!

Congratulations to all of those who played in the State Championship this past weekend. I have the privilege of working with several chess teams and individuals who took home great awards. So many people did well that I don't want to start naming specific teams and players because I know I will accidentally leave someone out.

One of my 2nd grade students showed me a great game he played. He won this game in the final round in only 14 moves. This win gave him 5 points out of 7, not only guaranteeing himself a huge trophy, but helping his team become the State Champions. I would post more games that I see, but this is the only one from the tournament that I memorized. If you have a good game you would like posted on this website, feel free to email it to me.

My student has the White pieces in this game.

Click here to see it!

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