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Final Friday 2019 Notes


Satisfying, enjoyable, eduational games from Sunday's less

Attacking games 11/23/2019

Some attacking games from our class lecture on 11/23/2019

Notes Friday

Worksheet 11/14/2019

Homework 11/14/2019 on Google Drive

Homework Thursday 10-24-2019

Here is a link to this week's homework:!Au4xwApOTPtIhZlK6RTMgf_ZRkVnww?e=vrDGO4

Challenge Class Room Code: cap96 Do the AP Test! Higest level = Champion

Lucena Example (Botvinnik-Boleslavsky 1941)


ChessBase Replayable via Browser: Printable PDF Worksheet With Answer Key!!Au4xwApOTPtIhZdfzbGnnTB47idKtA

Homework 10/3/2019

For the downloadable PDF worksheet:!Au4xwApOTPtIhZZOxLnq_hsv5pUv5w?e=mGdbYo

Homework  NS

The "Chapter 6" homework assignment:

Analyze this position. How? Basically play yourself, and notate the moves. Play well for both sides. Set this position up on a chess board. Make sure you have a piece of paper and a sharpened pencil (or pen). Sit with the White or Black pieces in front of you (when in doubt, have White in front of you, and never sit from the "side" of a chess board). Your moves don't have to be perfect. Just play it out, write down the moves, and enjoy the fact that you are using one of the oldest methods of chess study. Analysis (because "I play chess against myself" sounds crazy!).

Mate in 1 puzzles and answer key.


Interesting Positions From Class

Who stands better and why? Who has better: King Safety, Material, Pawn Structure, and Piece Play? Who stands better and why? Who has better: King Safety, Material, Pawn Structure, and Piece Play?

Basic Endgames

King Squeeze Puzzle

Homework September 5-8

Puzzle PDF (answer key on page 2)!Au4xwApOTPtIhY8wbg6xvV3HEPaACQ?e=XtaMDE Solutions, and variations.

Fischer-Gadia and Boleslavsky-Lissitsin: GNBB

Good Knight Vs. Bad Bishop Here's a worksheet you can work on while looking at these two games:!Au4xwApOTPtIhY8L-f-z7Dh6U0_RuA?e=dzPG1H

Homework, Replayable Notes, and Answer Key: August 31, 2019

Link to download homework (expires October 3):!Au4xwApOTPtIhMwd3Nwn893ozo-hmA?e=XwYKAg

Rollercoaster Puzzle: Can Black avoid the draw?

In this great puzzle, Black has to play the perfect moves to avoid a Stalemate. White continues to sacrifice his Rook.

Lessons from Class on LiChess

Lecture Notes: Fall 2019

Short-Timman A game played between Coach Jeffrey Ashton and a Student. Focus on EVALUATION and thinking critically . This is another annotated copy of Lasker-Thomas. A Nimzo-Indian Piece Sacrifice, using "The Fishing Pole."  (for the user friendly moves, without variations). For more variations: Chess tip: When someone sacrifices material, consider sacrificing material back. Sunday 8/25/2019

Chess Notes

Opening Theory: Garry Kasparov - Ulf Anderssen Lasker - Thomas (focus on the DEFENSIVE POSSIBILITY - 9...Bxe5) When you are defending your King, and Material is even, you should trade. "Is this a real game?" Someone asked me about an interesting puzzle that came from this game. The puzzle starts after Black plays 24...Ka6 Shirov-King: Endgames, and More (Wednesday Morning): Mr. O and The Loose Pieces Hungarian Defense: A Simple Solution. Note the Rxf7 idea. No Space

Chess Camp Notes 2019!

2019 June 10-13 Notes Click Here Online Notes: More Notes: 2018 Camp Notes Part 1 Part 2

Volunteering by Playing

If you're a strong chess player and are interested in volunteering, I know a great way. Play online chess/in-person chess with some younger students. As far as helpfulness, this is GREATLY helpful. The downside is that it doesn't benefit the volunteer.  If you're interested, email me, and I will put you in contact with a kid who can learn from this. 

Happy New Year!

I realize that this blog has been around for so long and I haven’t updated it much.  A few updates: - My wife and I welcomed our son, he is almost 10 months old.  - Panda Chess Academy is about 10 years old and I still love chess! If I have anything interesting or useful to say, I will try to remember to share it in this blog (could be years for me to think of something!). 

Coaching at Nationals in Orlando Florida and Columbus Ohio.


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