Chessimo for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch

This is great software even though it is not perfect yet. I highly recommend that intermediate and advanced players (800+) download it. Make sure that if you upgrade from the free version, you buy all lessons for $7.99. Don't buy them individually for 2.99 a piece. This package used to cost a lot of money for Windows, and the software was not nearly as good. The software needs a few improvements, but it has such valuable information. I recommend: 1. Download the free Chessimo. 2. Go through all of the lessons. 3. If you got this far, you should probably upgrade and buy the whole package for 7.99. The tactic, endgame, and strategy training is my favorite. The opening training is pretty good but there is not enough content. I am going through the whole training process right now. I plan to work on it for 5-10 minutes a day consistently. Apparently it will take me a year to finish the whole program at this rate. Also another quick thought: Sometimes you will offer a perfectly fine answer but the computer will tell you wrong. This happens maybe 1 out of 50 questions. The computer only accepts one solution (but the solution they want is good). One very important piece of advice: Although the software keeps track of your progress, there is no way to back this up. This is the most serious flaw in the program. But until they improve this, make sure you take a note of where you are.

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