2 Mate in 2's - Answer Key

I sent a newsletter, and included a little story about an intense puzzle battle between my wife and brother-in-law. Below are the puzzles with answers. Here's the email. Answers are... Rh6 and Rc3.

800 Tournaments! Original/Only Fact Check

We’ve had 810 tournaments at Panda Chess Academy at 9900 Westpark.  When we opened, as far as I know, we were the only brick and mortar “scholastic only” chess club in the U.S. or World (again, as far as I know, and I know an above average amount about chess stuff, but not all!).  This is a “fun fact” that I would be interested in proving wrong. I don’t like it when businesses exaggerate/lie, and having a reputation for being honest is important to me. Hosting 800 tournaments, coaching x amount of years, and being the first/only sounds nice, but I believe people care more about what a business/teacher is doing now, not what was done in the past.  I know there have been after school scholastic clubs, but I’ve never heard of a dedicated “sign a lease and buy your own furniture” brick and mortar scholastic chess club that only hosts tournaments and classes for K-12 and younger.  Please email me if I’m wrong so I can proudly admit that I’m wrong. 

October 2023 Update!

 Hi! I’m now coaching at Mandarin Immersion Magnet School and Sri Meenakshi Temple. I also have my usual scholastic activity at Panda Chess Academy , as well as online classes in the evening. 

First Day of Kindergarten


Update - Memorial Day Weekend 2023

Hi everyone! Just wanted to update everyone.  My family is doing well. My kids are now age 5 and 1. We are going to be in Austin, TX tomorrow through Friday. We will be doing a lot of kayaking if the weather allows us. Panda Chess Academy has been open since February, and I've continued doing Zoom classes daily.  I will post some family photos soon! 

Panda Chess Academy reopening

February 4, 2024 Moved in equipment. February 3, 2023 Got the keys.  January 31, 2023 Signed the lease.

Welcome Juliet!

 Welcome Juliet! 8 lbs, 22 inches.