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33 GimKits in less than 30 days - quick thoughts.

I have made 33 brand new chess GimKits! I made a little goal to make at least one per day, but I've actually done more than that.  I wanted to make the virtual classes more exciting. I first made hundreds of Quizlet questions, then I made a bunch of Kahoot questions, and due to popular request, I'm using GimKit.  I put a lot of work into doing this. I will describe what I do, only so others can learn how to do the same.  1) I have to find or make the puzzle in ChessBase, then create the diagram. I do this about 30 times to make a 30 question GimKit. I would say it takes me about 1 minute per question, and I'm pretty fast at doing this.  2) I upload the puzzles to GimKit while creating 4 multiple choice answers. It would be easier if I can just upload all of the diagrams first, and then type the answers in later. Quizlet is the best at allowing batch uploads. Kahoot is nice in that it lets me upload questions individually, without having to immediately type the questions. Gi