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t Chess Pro for iPad and iPhone

Very advanced post/draft (written from a phone and unedited). Target audience: parents who coach their kids that have some computer experience (and little chess understanding), coaches, older/advanced students. I will revise this into a guide later.  TChess Pro is one of the first chess apps I ever purchased for an iPhone several years ago.  This is very similar to the thousands of chess apps out there, but I only use one special feature, that I can't find anywhere else: Analyze Game.  This feature automatically analyzes a game that you enter (beginners and intermediate players/parents can easily handle this).  Advanced chess students (or parents with computer experience) will prefer to import a PGN file via cut and paste. If you don't know what this means, that is normal! I recommend saving some games into Stockfish and emailing them to yourself to get a feel for what a PGN file is. A PGN file is basically a text file that has chess moves and player information. PGN is short f