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Clock Move: A rumor that almost became a rule.

Some thoughts:  "Clock move” is a silly rule sometimes used in blitz or bughouse. Touch move is a great rule. The only imperfection about touch move is that sometimes kids lie about it. Also sometimes a kid will come “close" to touching a piece and the opponent will overreact. But this happens rarely, and it is usually done by really young kids or beginners.   I feel silly calling clock move a “rule” because I have never seen it officially acknowledged in any rule book or rule list.  It is a new “rule.” While I don’t know the history of the “clock move” rumor, I do know that the chess clock hasn’t been around for that long.  I’m pretty sure "clock move" was invented by a weak chess player and it got popularized by weak chess players until some stronger chess players were forced to play this way.   In clock move, a player can place a move on the board. It’s not official until the clock is pressed. There is no touch move. There is no “I took my hand off the piec

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