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Ways To Improve

1. Play against your computer but notate anyway. Set it at a level where you lose sometimes. Young kids/beginners should set it at a level where they lose 1 out of 4 games. Advanced players should set it at a level where they lose 3 out of 4 games. Notate even though you the computer notates for you. The key is to get used to the "rhythm" of notating. Get used to the process. If you can patiently notate against the computer that instamoves (moves instantly) then you can be patient against any opponent. Learn to enjoy the process of notating . Remember, notating a chess move will be easier than writing your own name and some day you will hate playing unnotated chess (unless you are under 5 minutes). 2. Read chess books that are readable. Most chess books discourage young readers (and adult readers). Start off with "How to beat your dad in chess." Don't buy your chess books based off reviews! There are so many 5 star chess books that will discourage k

Coaching at Nationals in Orlando Florida and Columbus Ohio.


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