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My crazy chess teaching lifestyle!

Hey everyone. My schedule has been extremely hectic. During this last week, I've been teaching at the Klein Chess camp during the day, then teaching in the evening as well. I've been spending this week waking up at 6am and going to bed around 10pm, with hardly any free time at all (I spend this time making lesson plans). I'll also be teaching about 8 hours a day this weekend, and I also have to attend my law school admission test class on Sunday for about 4 hours. Monday I have another camp week (T.H. Rogers), where I will be busy from 6am until 10pm again. At the end of the week on Friday evening (after finishing the camp) I fly to Vegas. Saturday and Sunday I will play in the two day schedule (playing chess for about 8 hours a day). I have no idea how I will play in Vegas. Sunday night (after round 6) I fly back to Houston, so I can make it in time for my 3rd camp starting the next day on Monday! It is a good thing that I love chess or I would probably be going insane fro