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1100 Level Puzzle: Game against former coach Rade Milovanovic.

Black to play and eventually checkmate white (or force white to sacrifice his queen to defend). This puzzle is probably good for about the 1100 rated player, although anyone can solve it. Look for the answer in the "comments" area. This is a game where I am White. I am playing against my coach at the time, International Master Rade Milovanovic. He is the first coach of the University of Texas at Dallas chess team and has been there ever since. I was a freshman in college when he joined the team. During that year our team was a lot different than it is now. For one thing, we only had about six masters total. We only had the man-power to send one team to tournaments. Now University of Texas at Dallas often sends three strong teams to tournaments and could send five if they wanted to. Rade helped our team win several National and Pan-American chess championships. I not only thought of him as my coach, but also a close friend. He would often invite members of the team over to his