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The Dragon Opening Interactive Lesson

I teach many of my students to play the Dragon or "Accelerated Dragon". This is a very good study aid for those who play the opening. It mainly focuses on learning the ideas and the general setup. Activity # 1.4 Accelerated Dragon Interactive Lesson   Broken Link :( 

First Interactive Worksheet

I will put up more worksheets like this as homework for students. Please give me any feedback as I am still in the experimentation process. Activity # 1.3 Click here for the "Loose Pieces Drop Off" worksheet. Rating Level: 0-1400 The answers are listed under the "comments". I will do this with all of my puzzles and online worksheets.

Morphy's Puzzle

Activity # 1.2 Black to play, mate in 2. For the answer, look under "Comments" Difficulty: 0-1400 Please post your answer under "comments" or email if you think you know the answer

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi everyone. This is my first post. I plan on putting up various homework items and material for extra training. Feedback is greatly appreciated. I just made a sample "newsletter". I hope you enjoy! Activity # 1.1 Ruy Lopez Exchange (Rating: 0-1000)